Cheers to 20 Years!

Imagine One Technology & Management, Ltd. celebrated its 20th anniversary on 13 July 2018. To honor this happy occasion, the company held a 20th Anniversary Gala in Norfolk, VA on July 28th, which was attended by nearly 300 people. Initially headquartered in Port Royal, Virginia, Imagine One started in 1998 with one employee. The company has grown to nearly 400 employees today, with headquarters in Lexington Park, MD and facilities in Norfolk, VA; Shirlington, VA; and Charleston, SC.


Imagine One’s founder, CEO and President, Nancie Lumpkins, included answers to employee questions as part of her speech at the Gala. Excerpts from those questions and answers are provided below:

Question: How did you come up with the name “Imagine One”?

Answer: I picked “Imagine” because I felt it important for us to use our imaginations in solutioning for our customers, and the “One” to reflect that we are “One” company, that each customer is our number “One”, and each employee is the “One” person providing their talents to achieve the goals for the customer and company.

Question: Who was your first customer? What type of work did you do?

Answer: I started the company with only a $35K purchase order to provide program management support to NAVAIR PMA 260. This soon expanded to the FAA where we provided process improvement support for about four years.

Question: How is Imagine One today different from what you envisioned 20 years ago?

Answer: I don’t think I ever really appreciated that we would have so many people that would have developed in their careers from a very entry-level position to senior management positions. That has been and continues to be very fulfilling. It makes me very happy to have such a gift in my life.

In her closing remarks, Ms. Lumpkins said, “Be kind and encouraging to each other. Shake it off when you have a stressful day and smile. Lift people up, no matter if it’s the cashier checking you out at a store, a child, an employee, or friend! Each ONE of us can contribute to making our world a better place.”

Join us in celebrating twenty incredible years of Imagine One!