Promotion of Jim Fahlsing to Senior Vice President

11 october 2019

Imagine One is pleased to announce that Jim Fahlsing, Vice President of the Maritime Cyber/IT Business Unit, has been promoted to Senior Vice President.

Jim joined Imagine One in 2014. He manages the Washington Area and Norfolk operations of the company, which currently supports 250 employees and numerous contracts, including: Navy Maritime Maintenance Enterprise Solution (NMMES) under SEA04, SEA01C Foreign Military Sales (FMS), Carrier Planning Activity (CPA), PEO Aircraft Carrier Program PMS 312, along with various other subcontracts.

Jim also uses his IT experience to improve efficiencies throughout the company, including business development where he’s created several tools to streamline the opportunity research process. Jim’s continued focus on success has been a tangible benefit to his business unit and the company as a whole.