Geraldine Bounds Retires | 21 Years with Imagine One

After 21 years with Imagine One, Geraldine Bounds is retiring. Our president and CEO, Nancie Lumpkins, had the following words to share:

“A company’s success is dependent on a close team of leaders to execute its mission. Geraldine has been one of those people at Imagine One… She has had my trust and I might add, affection, for many years. I wish you well and know that you and Bud will make the most of your retirement! Thank you so very much for your hard work, diligence and dedication to the success of Imagine One. I appreciate you giving so much of yourself during the years and the challenges we have faced!”

Through the Years with Geraldine

Starting in March 1987, Geraldine began her extensive history of accounting work with ManTech Services Corporation as an Accounts Payables Technician in Fairfax, VA. Over the next 10 years, she supported ManTech in numerous efforts. Geraldine’s next stop was with OMNI, where in October 1997 she accepted a position as an Accounts Payable Manager in Culpeper, VA.

Geraldine’s final stop was with our team at Imagine One where she started as a Financial Analyst in Colonial Beach, VA in September 2002. She spent an astounding 21 years with us, managing the accounting department in support of payroll functions, billing, accounts receivable, and general ledger processes. Geraldine was also an integral part in Imagine One’s audit readiness process. She was key in the assessment of accounting policy and process improvement. She ensured compliance with GAAP, FAR, and Sarbanes-Oxley. She maintained ESOP transaction records, provided funding option analysis for ESOP, and ensured we always followed federal statutes. She finished her illustrious career as a Controller.

Geraldine was a great leader, an extremely hard worker, and an inspiration to everyone around her to be their absolute best. She trained a number of current leaders at our company and was a pleasure to work and succeed with. One of these current leaders is Brandy Marsh, who had the following to say about Geraldine:

“I learned so many things working for Geraldine…to pay attention to detail, to get things done on time, to make sure they are accurate and complete, and if and when you do mess up, there really is a fix for everything. But you should definitely learn from that mistake and not do it again! Geraldine and I have always had a great working relationship…she saw something in me and helped me climb up the ladder within her department and then pushed me over to another ladder and cheered me on every step of the way there! So although we’ve had different titles throughout the years, my favorite one now is FRIEND!”

Thank you, Geraldine for all that you have given and done for Imagine One. Thank you for the legacy you leave behind as you take your next steps in life. You will be truly missed! Enjoy crafting, gardening, riding, reading, relaxing, and much more in your retirement!

“Working with Geraldine was very educational, I learned a lot from her. She was like the teacher or parent that you never wanted to disappoint but knew that she would help you and that no matter what she had your back!”

– Haley Wathen

““Tough yet rewarding…. I didn’t always know what to expect but I always knew that Geraldine would help me get to where I needed to be… Thank you Geraldine for putting your trust and faith in me to help me get to where I am today.”

– Amanda Jett

“Geraldine expected everyone to be on their A game. She could be tough but she also gave credit where it was due and would take time to show appreciation to the team.”

– Christina Chandler

“One of the most memorable things Geraldine ever told me that still sticks with me today was ‘Your work should tell a story and the reader should be able to follow it from beginning end with no issues’.”

– Autumn Vasquez